Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

We are an innovative cloud solutions provider encompassing voice, data, mobility and applications. With Silver Touch’s Cloud Solutions you will be able to uncover the full potential and power of your business, improve productivity, lower costs and future-proof your business.

  • Public Cloud

    Public Cloud

    It is typically a subscription-style solution that is available to organizations at a standard monthly or yearly fee unlike purchasing and owning an application outright.
  • Private Cloud

    Private Cloud

    It is defined as a scalable solution that provides all benefits of Public Cloud, such as flexibility and efficiency, but here the whole infrastructure is exclusive to your organization.

Utilize the power of cloud technology. Keep your business connected 24*7. Build sturdy foundations to support your business goals and growth. Support and enhance your business with services from voice and mobile to collaboration and cyber-security. Irrespective of the size of your organization, we can be reliable partner to your business in making it more efficient, cost-effective and productive.

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