Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Silver Touch maintains the leading position in delivering digital transformation. Digitization is driving a fundamental change in the society that is transforming the way businesses should work with their clients, supply chain managers, and people.

We are constantly engaged in investigating strategies and tactics (internal and external) that businesses will deploy to realize and achieve their successful digital transformation.

To be successful in the digital transformation journey, you need to have a clear focus on value and attention to detail. It needs to be based on insight, expertise and experience. We have a pathway to assist our clients in meeting this challenge. At Silver Touch, we go beyond defining the scope – as we’re the trusted partner to support through the journey.

The industries we serve:

  • Manufacturing:


    Silver Touch has helped businesses in the manufacturing sector in meeting market goals and provided customer satisfaction in the form of collaborative manufacturing, planning and scheduling services. Our manufacturing services are meant to serve our clients with productivity and better visibility.
  • Healthcare:


    Silver Touch provides cost-effective and quality solutions to businesses operating in the healthcare sector. We have experience in developing extensive hospital management solutions with increased accessibility and collaboration, capable enough to meet the client’s business needs.
  • Education:


    Silver Touch contributes to the value of the learning and education industry by delivering personalized connected learning solutions to deliver better outcomes. Leverage our expertise and technical capabilities to gain profits in your e-learning business.
  • Public Sector:

    Public Sector

    Silver Touch offers innovative IT solutions and services by utilizing best-in-class technologies to transform the public sector. Our productive solutions help businesses in the public sector in gaining a competitive edge by improving efficiency and reducing costs.
  • Banking & Finance:

    Banking & Finance

    Silver Touch offers a range of solutions such as Accounting ERP software, Personal Finance Solutions, Online Banking Software, Private Banking Software, Transaction Monitoring and Management, Loan and Grants Management, Mobility Solutions and Investment Banking Solutions for transforming the highly regulated and competitive banking and finance sector.

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